Monthly Archive for November, 2008

Thankgiving Pictures

Yeah, so what if we had it on the 13th? Since I hadn’t pos­ted the­se yet, I fi­gu­red to­day would be as good as any to put them up. Taken with a D70 with a 18-​50mm f/2.8, the sa­me one I took the­se shots with.


During our long three day wee­kend on the 14th, I got a D70 with an 18-​50mm f/2.8 lens for ta­king pic­tu­res of Thanksgiving din­ner (I know, worng ti­me, but that’s when we did it). I used it to get the shots I’ve been dieing to get for a whi­le. I feel li­ke I succee­ded in that respect.

Note: I uplo­a­ded the full si­ze pic­tu­res (3008×2000px.) this ti­me. You can get the high res ver­si­ons by clicking on the me­di­um si­ze picture.

Sunrise on 14/​11/​2008

Sunset on 14/​11/​2008

Sunrise on 15/​11/​2008


It’s Here!

I’ve fi­nis­hed off the October Album, and I’ve star­ted the November Album.


Big Update Pending

Massive amount of new pic­tu­res will soon co­me to the gallery.

Stay tu­ned…