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Sophomore Class Field Trip

Last Friday, I went on my sop­ho­mo­re class field trip to the Struthof Nazi con­cen­tra­ti­on camp in France. It was pret­ty cool, and a gre­at pla­ce to ta­ke pic­tu­res. The camp is split up in­to three parts. The first part is the main building/​museum, with exhi­bits and mo­vies sho­wing. The se­cond part is the ac­tu­al camp it­self, with bar­racks, a scaf­fold, and the crematorium.

The bar­racks has been tur­ned in­to an exhi­bi­ti­on of li­fe in the camps, with dra­wings, pic­tu­res, and ar­ti­facts on dis­play. In the cre­ma­to­ri­um, we weren’t al­lo­wed to ta­ke pic­tu­res, but the­re was an oven, a few pri­son cells, and an exe­cu­ti­on room.

After that, we went do­wn the hill a ways and ca­me to the gas cham­ber. It was a small buil­ding with a smo­ke stack co­ming out of the si­de, fai­r­ly non-​discreet. Inside, it on­ly had about three rooms, two of them with stora­ge free­zers to hold bo­dies and bo­dy parts for experimentation.

It was a very so­be­ring, yet good experience.

See the pic­tu­res he­re (all pic­tu­res are full re­so­lu­ti­on 3008x2000px.).