Monthly Archive for July, 2008

Site Updates

I’m wor­king on this si­te slo­w­ly, but sur­ly, and as you can al­re­a­dy see, it’s im­pro­ved a gre­at de­al. But the­re are still so­me litt­le things to work on. There’s al­so my gal­le­ry, but it’s at a lo­wer pri­o­ri­ty rig­ht now. Also, I don’t ha­ve our ca­me­ra rig­ht now, so I couldn’t ta­ke any pic­tu­res of the fi­re­works on France’s National Holiday on the 14th. Sad.

’nother gallery update

The Vineyard pi­cs are now na­med and I’ve put up pi­cs from our 2008 school carnival.

Gallery Update

Added my vi­ney­ard pho­tos to the gal­le­ry. Go check em out!

(Why do the ima­ges ha­ve a pur­ple out­li­ne?)