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BFA Student Newspaper Redesign


At the be­gin­ning of the school ye­ar, in my Graphic Arts class, one of the things that was plan­ned for us to ac­com­plish was a re­de­sign of our stu­dent news­pa­per The Chronicle. I was very ex­ci­ted about this, sin­ce it de­li­vers good con­tent, but with a lou­sy la­yout and typo­grap­hy. I couldn’t wait to get star­ted. It was the first big pro­ject of the ye­ar, and with on­ly 2 pe­op­le in class, I knew it wasn’t going to be ea­sy. We star­ted brain­stor­ming va­ri­ous chan­ges we could ma­ke, cri­ti­quing pre­vi­ous is­su­es, and le­ar­ning a lot about news­pa­per la­yout and de­sign at the sa­me ti­me. Working on The Chronicle en­tailed lots of back-​and-​forth be­t­ween the Journalism class (who wri­tes and pu­blis­hes it) and us to fi­gu­re out if we we­re meet­ing their needs. Near the end of the pro­cess, it was re­al­ly co­ming do­wn to the wi­re with de­lays in con­tent and prin­ter is­su­es, but me ma­na­ged to get it out on ti­me. The re­acti­on was very po­si­ti­ve from the stu­dent bo­dy. Next is­sue, we’ll try to ma­ke the on­li­ne ver­si­on in color!

Here is an ol­der is­sue that you can com­pa­re to (links to PDF: 676KB)Previous Issue

This one has been on hold for a whi­le, due to techni­cal is­su­es with get­ting the pa­ge la­yout of PDF ver­si­on cor­rected. It ca­me out on October 28th, but hasn’t been fixed till recently.

Click he­re to do­wn­lo­ad PDF (1.9MB), or use my lo­cal mir­ror.