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Letter Design

Our as­sig­n­ment was to cre­a­te so­mething with a let­ter from our ini­ti­als in Illustrator. There had to be at le­ast 5 dif­fe­rent ty­pe­fa­ces used and on­ly one co­lor. I de­ci­ded on the let­ter L sin­ce it see­med the most flex­i­ble letter.

Over Spring Break I saw a mo­vie on YouTube sho­wing a hex­a­pod ro­bot mo­deled af­ter an ant (See he­re: A-​Pod). Though I mig­ht ma­ke a mo­del of that. It tur­ned out to be a bit mo­re dif­fi­cult to make.

Letter Scorpion

It en­ded up being mo­re of a ro­bot scor­pi­on thing. I wish I could’ve had mo­re con­t­rol over the out­li­nes to gi­ve it a bet­ter sen­se of depth.

Now I ha­ve to fi­nish my per­so­nal flag…


An am­bi­gram, al­so so­meti­mes kno­wn as an in­ver­si­on, is a typo­graphi­cal de­sign that spells out one or mo­re words not on­ly in its form as pre­sen­ted, but al­so from anot­her view point, di­recti­on or orien­ta­ti­on. The words spel­led out in the ot­her view point, di­recti­on or orien­ta­ti­on may be the sa­me or dif­fe­rent from the ori­gi­nal words.


One of my first re­al as­sig­n­ments for my Graphic Design class was to cre­a­te an am­bi­gram out of my na­me. It tok me a whi­le to fi­gu­re out what I was going to do, but then it hit me: I could do my na­me in hex co­de! I look­ed around for a hex co­de trans­la­tor and found this si­te, which of­fers hex co­de and a lot mo­re! It took a lot of ske­t­ching and help from Mr. Bryan to get the forms just rig­ht. I’m ple­a­sed with the over­all result.


Noah Leigh (Note: the “N” and “L” are in up­per­ca­se)

4E 6F 61 68   4C 65 69 67 68

I’ll ha­ve mo­re as­sig­n­ments to post later.