Monthly Archive for November, 2009

Letterforms in the Environment

Poster Layouts

For this as­sig­n­ment, we had to go around town and find, well, let­ter­forms in the en­vi­ron­ment. It’s har­der then it looks, and re­qui­res look­ing at things in a dif­fe­rent way then nor­mal. It ori­gi­nal­ly had a blank back­ground, but our te­a­cher sug­ge­sted an old pa­per tex­tu­re mig­ht look better.

Link to high-​resolution PDF (11MB).

GA 2 Landscapes

One of our Graphic Arts 2 as­sig­n­ments was to ta­ke 12 lands­ca­pe pho­tos that exhi­bit shape. Gave me a chan­ce to get out with a ni­ce ca­me­ra and lens again. Kandern is so ni­ce in the autumn…

Gallery (uplo­a­ded in full resolution)