Letterforms in the Environment

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For this as­sig­n­ment, we had to go around town and find, well, let­ter­forms in the en­vi­ron­ment. It’s har­der then it looks, and re­qui­res look­ing at things in a dif­fe­rent way then nor­mal. It ori­gi­nal­ly had a blank back­ground, but our te­a­cher sug­ge­sted an old pa­per tex­tu­re mig­ht look better.

Link to high-​resolution PDF (11MB).

3 Responses to “Letterforms in the Environment”

  • Dude, nicht schlect! Where did you find your beau­ti­ful texture?
    Some sug­ges­ti­ons: the word se­ren­di­pi­ty be­low the pho­tos is what im­me­di­a­te­ly pulls the eye, gi­ving me no chan­ce to try and “re­ad” the pho­tos. Have mo­re con­fi­den­ce in the ima­ges and don’t che­at the vie­wer of that experience. 🙂
    There’s a litt­le mark that looks li­ke  a slash be­t­ween the I and the P. If it’s part of the tex­tu­re, so­me pho­toshop acti­on may be needed.
    And fi­nal­ly, with old pa­per back­grounds, I usu­al­ly set the blend mo­de to Multiply inste­ad of nor­mal, just from an au­then­ti­ci­ty stand­point. (whi­te print or are­as in pho­tos on old pa­per me­ans that whi­te ink would ha­ve had to ha­ve been used [yi­kes, there’s a sca­ry English ten­se], which I think would be su­per ra­re. White is the co­lor of the pa­per, and all that.) Up to you, of cour­se, if that’s so­mething you want to consider.
    Lovely composition.

    • If you se­arch on Google Images for “old pa­per tex­tu­res“, it’s one of the first results.
      It look­ed har­der to re­ad if “Serendipity” was in whi­te inste­ad of blue on the pa­per texture.
      I tried using Multiply as per your sug­ges­ti­on, and it on­ly re­al­ly had an ef­fect on the pic­tu­res, ma­king them war­mer, which ac­tu­al­ly look­ed pret­ty good. It al­so ma­de the whi­te text di­sap­pear. The tex­tu­re is al­so qui­te low res for a 300 dpi A4 page.
      Thanks for the feedback!

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