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Personal Flag

Flag Small

Before star­ting on this pro­ject, Mr. Bryan sho­wed us a few books with flags and ex­plai­ned the ele­ments that ma­ke up a good flag de­sign, li­ke not pla­cing de­sign ele­ments on the rig­ht si­de so that fraying won’t ruin the me­a­ning of the flag.

This is my per­so­nal flag cre­a­ted in Graphic Arts. It took me on­ly about half-​hour to co­me up with the design.

Extract from explanation:

To be­gin, the flag’s pro­por­ti­ons are 16:10, which is the stan­dard for com­pu­ter wi­des­creen mo­ni­tors, which shows my in­te­rest in techno­lo­gy and is al­so an ap­prox­i­ma­te to the Golden Rectangle. The blue rec­tangle in the midd­le is 2.39:1, which is the stan­dard for an ana­mor­phic pic­tu­re in ci­ne­ma. The red stri­pes, whi­te stars on blue re­pre­sents the flag of the United States and France, two coun­tries that I par­ti­al­ly as­so­ci­a­te with. The stars are in the ar­ran­ge­ment of the con­stel­la­ti­on Orion, one of the mo­re re­cog­ni­za­ble con­stel­la­ti­ons in the nort­hern nig­ht sky, which re­pre­sents my lo­ve for ama­teur astronomy.
The seven-​pointed stars are a sym­bol of per­fecti­on in Christian religions.