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Graphic Arts 2: First Assignment

I’m back!

After a long pe­ri­od of in­acti­vi­ty, I fi­nal­ly ha­ve so­mething new to show!

In my Graphic Arts 2 class, our first as­sig­n­ment was to draw on pa­per a pic­tu­re, or col­lecti­on of pic­tu­res that re­pre­sen­ted us per­so­nal­ly, then di­gi­ti­ze it with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. My dra­wing was a map of the wor­ld, with a li­ne tra­cing through the va­ri­ous pla­ces we ha­ve li­ved (see list he­re).

Mission MapThe point of the as­sig­n­ment was to warm up our Photoshop (or in my ca­se, Illustrator) skills.

I’ll soon post pic­tu­res of my com­ple­ted GA1 port­fo­lio from last year.