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To de­mon­stra­te our skills in Photoshop for Yearbook, we had to ma­ke a pho­to col­la­ge using 6 ori­gi­nal pho­tos, one of which had to co­me from the scan­ner. My ori­gi­nal idea was to use the va­ri­ous blue doors around the school and com­bi­ne them in­to one door, but the­re sim­ply weren’t enough dif­fe­rent on­es, and the shots we­re hard to get iden­ti­cal. So I tried to co­me up with ot­her things around school that could work as a the­me. That’s when I ca­me up with “Computers.”

Fortunately, the­re are a plet­ho­ra of dif­fe­rent mo­dels lur­king around un­der de­sks, and school had fai­r­ly con­sis­tent lig­hting which ma­de post-​processing ea­sy. I tried to ar­ran­ge them in ap­prox­i­ma­te­ly chro­no­lo­gi­cal or­der, but I found it mo­re at­tracti­ve to do it sim­ply by heig­ht. I wan­ted so­me kind of mes­sa­ge to go al­ong with it, and “Evolutions” see­med ap­pro­pri­a­te. I ho­pe you li­ke it!

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