Gallery Update

Added my vi­ney­ard pho­tos to the gal­le­ry. Go check em out!

(Why do the ima­ges ha­ve a pur­ple out­li­ne?)


1 Response to “Gallery Update”

  • If you look at it in Firefox, you’ll see a bor­der as well, but with the co­lors of your cur­rent “Anchor tag” high­lig­hting inste­ad of pur­ple. Both en­gi­nes ma­ke the as­sump­ti­on that if it’s a link, then so­me sort of bo­ar­der is necessary…just a de­fault phi­losop­hy of ren­de­ring I guess. The bottom li­ne is that if you ha­ve an ima­ge that you want to be a link, you need to ma­ke su­re that your ima­ges are sty­led wit­hout bor­ders or that links (an­chors) are sty­led wit­hout borders.

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