It’s Here!

I’ve fi­nis­hed off the October Album, and I’ve star­ted the November Album.


Big Update Pending

Massive amount of new pic­tu­res will soon co­me to the gallery.

Stay tu­ned…


New pho­tos on my ar­chey pre­sen­ta­ti­on for English up he­re.

October Photos

Photos from October at BFA are up now.

Vieil Armand

Last Friday, our freshmen class went on a field trip to the WWI tren­ches on a hill in Haut-​Rhin, ne­ar whe­re my pa­rents li­ve. The we­at­her was hor­ri­ble. It was cold and rai­ny, and my socks we­re damp. Was pret­ty de­pres­sing. But, I got to bring al­ong one of the yearbook’s ca­me­ras; their old Nikon D1x with a 50mm f/1.8 pri­me on it. It re­al­ly sucks bat­te­ry li­fe and two of the three bat­te­ries that I broug­ht didn’t work, so I couldn’t shoot at the end of the trip. There we­re ti­mes when I wis­hed I had a lon­ger fo­cal length, but in ge­ne­ral, the pri­me sa­tis­fied my needs. I’ll get the pic­tu­res up in the gal­le­ry even­tu­al­ly. EDIT: They are now up.


More por­trait pho­tos in the gal­le­ry, and I’ve up­da­ted the About pa­ge that you can click to on the sidebar.

Gallery Update 24/​09/​2008

Added so­me pho­tos of my fel­low clas­sma­tes and ot­hers in the General BFA secti­on. Enjoy!

Finally, more pictures.

I fi­nal­ly ma­na­ged to get mo­re pic­tu­res uplo­a­ded on the gal­le­ry. They’re in General BFA and HBR.

New Photos!

Added tons of new BFA pho­tos! Enjoy!


For the last two days, It’s been re­al­ly rai­ning. Sort of depresing.

Photos from BFA are now up on the gal­le­ry. I’ll be uplo­a­ding mo­re that I took du­ring the Chillin’ ‘n Grillin’ on the first Friday, but there’s about 224MB of pho­tos and I’m not su­re how I’m sup­po­sed to uplo­ad them all with this li­mi­ted in­ter­net con­necti­on we ha­ve at the dorm. I got to use a Nikon D300 with a 80-​200mm f/2.8 lens, so I was pret­ty exited 🙂

I’ll get them up eventually…