Creative Zen 4GB

Got my Creative Zen 4GB ye­ster­day. Unfortunately, we couldn’t buy a ni­ce pair of he­adp­ho­nes to go with them, so I’ll ha­ve to do that so­me ot­her time.

I’m qui­te ple­a­sed with it, un­li­ke the hor­ri­ble “iceTech KEO” play­er I had boug­ht and sub­se­quent­ly bric­ked with a firm­wa­re up­da­te. Their firm­wa­re up­da­te pa­ge is a jo­ke, tel­ling you to look at the boxes for a sub­t­le dif­fe­ren­ce be­t­ween two very si­mi­lar mo­dels. I cho­se the wrong one (or both we­re wrong) and wound up with so­me et­ched si­li­con in a plas­tic case. 

Fortunately, my Zen ca­me with the la­test firm­wa­re pre­lo­a­ded, so I didn’t ha­ve to run the (much lo­wer risk) of bricking my it. It ca­me with a ton of pre­lo­a­ded con­tent, in­clu­ding a half do­zen au­di­o­book ex­cerpts from Audible​.com (one of it’s much flaun­ted capabilities).

Highly re­com­men­ded.

Now, if on­ly I could get tho­se he­adp­ho­nes

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  • This is a very at­tracti­ve si­te, Dude.
    Makes me want one. Hey, is the­re a si­te from when­ce you pic­ked your the­me (so I could pe­ru­se them?)

    And who’s the wei­r­do that pos­ted be­fo­re me??

  • @Rachel
    Oh that’s no­thing, just a ping back, al­beit one that that ma­kes vir­tu­al­ly no sense.
    And there’s a list of skins he­re, though if you just do a Google se­arch on “Wordpress skins”, you’ll find a to of thi­rd par­ty si­tes too.

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