For the last two days, It’s been re­al­ly rai­ning. Sort of depresing.

Photos from BFA are now up on the gal­le­ry. I’ll be uplo­a­ding mo­re that I took du­ring the Chillin’ ‘n Grillin’ on the first Friday, but there’s about 224MB of pho­tos and I’m not su­re how I’m sup­po­sed to uplo­ad them all with this li­mi­ted in­ter­net con­necti­on we ha­ve at the dorm. I got to use a Nikon D300 with a 80-​200mm f/2.8 lens, so I was pret­ty exited 🙂

I’ll get them up eventually…

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  • hey Dude, the pho­tos are good. 🙂
    We had the most mas­si­ve rain and lig­ht­ning storm I’ve ever seen last nig­ht. Have a GOOD week – any­thing cool co­ming up?

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