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Update and experiments…


I’ll start wor­king on this si­te du­ring sum­mer va­ca­ti­on. Really.

I’m wri­ting this post via Windows Live Writer, the won­der­ful we­blog pu­blis­hing soft­wa­re that co­mes with the Live sui­te of free pro­grams from Microsoft. It does a won­der­ful job.

  Pros Cons
Windows Live Writer Fast, con­ve­nient, flexible Slow to open
Online Interface Available wher­e­ver Slow, in­con­ve­nient


A darn pretty picture.

Something pul­led out of the text. Apparently, this is a quo­ta­ti­on. Funny, I don’t re­mem­ber saying this.

Lol=Lots of links! Here are so­me gre­at or­ga­ni­za­ti­o­nal si­tes you should visit

Lifehacker​.com; Unclutterer​.com; Zen Habits

I’m get­ting a Creative Zen 4 GB PMP. Anyone know if when you plug it in­to your com­pu­ter, does the in­ter­nal SD card show up as a se­pa­ra­te dri­ve? Or does it not see it at all.

Note that, at the ti­me of wri­ting, I re­al­ly need to chan­ge how links are displayed.


Because “Hello World!” sounds so dumb…